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The Pros and Cons of Installing Shower Safety Bars

A shower safety bars installed at an angle offers a surface for gripping at various heights, making it possible for people of diverse heights to make good use of the device.

Pros of Installing Shower Safety Bars

  • Some benefits of having shower safety barsbuilt in your house are as follows:

  • The aging process causes the body to lose speed gradually. Due to a lack of strength and stability, even the simplest movements, such as sitting or standing up, become more challenging. A shower safety bars is a helpful addition to any bathroom if you have trouble getting up from sitting or lying down, such as in the shower or when using the restroom.

  • Installing grab bars may enable those who have trouble getting out of the shower or onto the toilet to do so easily and safely.

  • Installing grab bars in the bathroom might provide your elderly parents or relatives the additional assistance they need to get in and out of the tub or toilet without risking injury.

Cons of Installing Shower Safety Bars

Some drawbacks of having shower safety bars built in your house are as follows:

  • Suction grab bars, although convenient, have several drawbacks that make them impractical in certain situations. These mounts have several issues, including their inability to hold weight for long periods, their tendency to become more insecure over time, and their failure to remain attached to the wall.

  • Many have found that these devices do not sustain their weight, leading to injuries from falls because the gadgets slid, became loose, or fell totally off the surface onto which they were mounted.

  • Suction grab bars are a temporary safety measure for those who have trouble moving about because of an accident, sickness, or disability; nevertheless, they should not be utilized for a lengthy period.

Hints on Setup

One should think about their intended purposes before installing shower safety bars. For maximum leverage, use one that is horizontally mounted while getting out of the tub or up from the toilet. Set it up at 33–36 inches above the ground. If individuals of varying heights use the same washroom, you may want to install an inclined bar.

Since most wall studs are spaced 16 inches apart, mounting the angled grab bar could also be less of a hassle. A bar 24 inches long inserted at a 45-degree angle will fit snugly into the studs. Most countries have rules requiring grab bars to support 250 pounds of weight without coming loose. This necessitates anchoring the bars to the wall studs through screws. If the bar is longer than the wall studs, plywood may be used to strengthen the wall, and screws can be inserted into it.


Pulling on the shower safety bars will let you know whether it is properly fastened before you call it a night. Apply full force; you must ensure the bar is securely fastened to the wall under all circumstances. If everything continues to work as it should, you have done an excellent job and deserve praise for your efforts.

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