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Grab Bar Installations

Installing Grab Bars is our Specialty!

  • All the grab bars we install in the Greater Los Angeles area are Stainless Steel made, making them the most resistant to moisture and to prevent future rust as much as possible. 

  • We carefully drill in the shower stall tile or the bathtub surrounding tile wall, using special diamond core drill bits

  • We do not pick the location of the grab bar based on the location of a stud. We install the grab bar where it makes the most sense for the person who is going to use it. 
    If there happens to be a stud behind the wall when we drill, great! we will anchor/screw into the stud.
    If there is no stud at that location, that's not a problem at all. We use special tile toggles that grabs the wall from behind and that can each support 265lbs! 


  • We use stainless steel screws to prevent any future rusting

  • Once the grab is secure into the wall, we cover each installation end with a silicone gel to seal the entire area and to keep water from going inside the wall.

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