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  • What Services do You Provide?
    We offer grab bar installation on shower stall wall, bathtub stall walls, toilet walls, hallways and anywhere else where needed in the home. We also install handrails for 2 to 5 steps stairs such as the stairs at the front door of a house or at the stairs between the garage and the house.
  • What Areas do you Service?
    We serve most of Greater Los Angeles but specifically: Santa Monica, Brentwood, West LA, Mar Vista, Marina Del Rey, Westchester, Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, Playa del Rey, Culver City, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Sherman Oaks, Encino and Studio City, Westwood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood. For further areas, we might have to charge an additional travelling fee
  • How Long does it take to install a grab bar?
    Installing a grab bar can be simple or it can be challenging depending on many factors. The average time is about 45mns per bar.
  • What's Your Lead Time?
    It really depends. Usually we can service you within 48 hours to a week.
  • How Much Do You Charge for Grab bar Installation?
    Installing grab bars should only be done by a trained professional and most handymen are not familiar with the technic and do not have the required tools to drill into tile. Drilling into tile and securing grab bars with special toggles are just a couple of aspects of the process and it is very labor intensive. In addition there are several different kinds of tile that require different drilling techinics. So long story short :) each installation varies. For your spcific needs, please contact us direclty and in most cases we will be able to give you a quote over the phone. Please call us at (310)692-4494.
  • Can I choose the location of the grab bar?
    Together with you, we will choose the location to what feels the most comfortable, the most convenient and the safest to the homeowner. Your comfort is our main priority.
  • What Brand of Grab Bars do you use?
    We use mainly Moen stainless steel grab bars and we also use other brands such as and others.
  • Do you need to drill into my tile when you install the grab bar?
    If you only need a vertical grab bar to enter your shower or bathtub and it can be installed on the drywall just before where your tile area begins, we will do that. If you need additional grab bars in the shower or bathtub area, then yes, we will drill into your tile. Our technicians are very well trained and they use specific tools to drill into tile (porcelain and ceramic).
  • What if you cannot locate a stub? How will you secure the grab bar?
    This is one of the most common questions we get. Our first and foremost goal and priority is to install the grab bars in a location that feels the most comfortable and helpful for the homeowner. If we are able to secure one or both ends into a stud (behind the tile) then great! If not, great! That's not an issue at all, we do that all the time. We use special "toggles" that go through the tile and the backerboard and that will "grab the wall VERY securely from the back. Each toggle can hold 250 pounds and we use 1-3 toggles at each end of the grab bar + anchored screws.
  • Will water leak into the wall?
    We cover each screw hole and the entire anchored extremity with a good amount of waterproof silicon gel. Once the gel dries, it will make the installation waterproof
  • Will the grab bars start rusting after a while?
    We only use high-end Stainless Steel Moen grab bars which do not rust.
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