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In-Home Tech Solutions

Do you live too far from your relative? Want to see & speak with your loved ones on video?
Get the Job Done Right by A Caring & Trained Professional

Certified Aging-inPlace Specialist (CAPS)

Blink Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Man installing home security camera.jpg

With your loved-one permission, we will install one or a few webcams in the home (or outside) so that you make sure they are ok, in case you cannot reach them by phone.

a voice controlled microwave.jpg

Alexa Echo Show Home System

man on a video call with family.jpg

We will setup an easy to use and voice activated Echo Show monitor and we will teach your love one to use it. You will be able to conveniently call and see each other to say hello and check-in

pic of Video door bell.png

Voice Controlled Microwave

Blink Video Doorbell

Night lights glowing from wall.jpg

Night Lights installation: Bedrooms, Hallways, Kitchen, Closets

Senior man sleeping in bed.jpg

Monitoring System Installation

Prevent falls and wandering by providing an early warning to caregivers when a resident is about to get up from a bed, chair or wander out an exit. Using one of our bed alarms or motion sensors with wireless paging, caregivers can hear an alert and quickly go to the aid of the resident before a fall occurs. Increase safety and maintain a calm, home-like care setting using QUIET, CORDLESS & WIRELESS FALL PREVENTION.

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