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Brass is cool after all...

This lovely senior couple called me recently to install grab bars in their West LA condo. Jerry was definitely in charge and he knew what he wanted. Hi wife, the lovely and funny Joyce, unfortunately suffered from dementia and she was also very frail on her legs. She felt very nervous just walking from her bedroom to the bathroom and she was holding to the walls, furniture, vases on the furniture and whatever else she could find to hold on to which was not safe at all. Together, we decided to install 2 grab bars along her route to the bathroom and 2 near the toilet + one more grab bar next to the toilet itself + one grab bar in the shower stall against the tile wall. Although Jerry realized that brass was not really in style anymore, he was concerned that the polished steel color would clash with the rest of the existing brass fixtures in the bathroom. And he was absolutely right about that. So we went ahead and special ordered polished brass grab bars and it came out great! Nice touch Jerry! And be well Joyce, your funny spirit was awesome!

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