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Adding a grab bar in a small shower

Today we installed 3 grab bars in this lovely house in the Westchester neighborhood. The husband just had triple bypass surgery and he had been instructed by the nurse to get grab bars installed in the Westchester home bathrooms before coming back home. The wife wasn't sure we could install a grab bar in their very small shower stall in their Westchester house but as you can see, we did it!

This is 24in Moen grab bar that fit just right in the shower stall. This will drastically help the homeowner feel safe and stable in this small space shower.

We also thought it would be a good idea to install an 18in Moen Grab Bar in this Westchester home, right at the entrance of the shower stall. This will help the homeowner safely enter the shower and get over that small step can be so dangerous as you get older or if you're recovering from surgery.

We also installed an 18in grab bar on the wall next to the toilet to help the homeowner sit down and sit up as safely as possible.

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