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About us

This is how it all started....


As I am writing this, my mother is 101 years old and happily living in France (where I am from originally). She now lives in a very nice assisted-living residence where she is the oldest resident and yes, she still runs the place!

But before my mother decided to move to her new home, she was living in Paris, in her nice 2 bd condo with a beautiful terrace looking over the city. She knew her neighbors, she knew everyone at the local grocery stores and at the boulangerie and they all knew her as well. So as you can imagine, my mother was not keen on moving to an assisted living residence yet. Unfortunately, neither of my 2 brothers  or myself lived anywhere near her, so we were not able to easily come visit her or check on her to make sure she was alright. We were very nervous and concerned. So during one of my trips to Paris, I decided to make some very important and helpful changes in her home:


Problem: When we would call her, she either couldn't hear the phone ring or she had forgotten to press the OFF button on her cordless phone from the previous call and it kept ringing busy (those cordless phones are really bad for Seniors). We didn't know if she was simply taking a nap or could she have fallen down and couldn't get up to answer the phone?
- I installed a couple of web cameras around the house that allowed us to see if she was ok or if she had fallen down.
- I also remove all her cordless phones (#1 Seniors can forget to press the off button. #2 Seniors can trip and fall if talking on the phone and walking at the same time). We installed "Senior Landline Phones" with a much louder ring and with large number buttons + thumbprint family-photo direct-dial buttons so that she could easily call us without having to look up our phone numbers.


Problem: When she was taking her morning shower, we were very nervous that she might slip and fall and possibly knock herself out.
Solution: I installed 2 grabbed bars on the walls and a non-slip mat

Problem: We didn't want to install cameras in her bedroom or in the bathroom (for privacy reasons of course) but we were still concerned that she might fall down at night and not be able to call for help.
Solution: I signed her up with an Home Alert System allowing her to press a "get help" button on her bracelet.

Then coming home to Los Angeles, I started taking care of our next-door neighbor Joel who had just turned 80 (not that old these days by the way...). Joel use to be a prominent Los Angeles attorney and a Jazz enthusiastic but he was never married and didn't have children. His sister and his niece cared very much about him but they lived in New York and in Europe. So I duplicated for him in LA the same installation that I had done for my mother in Paris, making Diana and Ingrid VERY HAPPY and RELEIVED to finally be able to easily communicate with Joel, to check on him visually, and to know that he lived in a much safer home.

So if you are still reading my story, then you know why in addition to running a thriving real estate business in Los Angeles, I decided  together with my lovely wife Jacolyn, to turn my calling for helping seniors into another real business.

  • I am professionally trained by the National Association of Home Builders for the CAPS Certification (Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist).

  • I am licensed and fully insured.


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